"Everyone deserves a person who will make their heart forget that it was once broken."

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nice is beautiful :)

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"I barely find anybody attractive. I barely feel an affection for anybody.. But when I do.. I fall in so deep, so hard it’s ridiculous."

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when your friend is going through a tough time and you just want to help them out


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20 Things I Should Have Known at 20.


1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets, people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness.

2. Do not have faith in institutions to…

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Question for sugars: have your SDs ever paid you through their payroll?

This is an arrangement that I’m being offered. I researched the guy and he seems to be legit, and we’ve talked for a bit so I don’t think it’s a scam. We’re going out to dinner this week but I just wanted to see if any other sugars get allowances the same way or what your thoughts are on the matter.


*cringes at 9 year old me*

*cringes at 13 year old me*

*cringes at year ago me*

*cringes at day ago me*

*cringes at future me*

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cut anyone and everyone out of your life that makes you feel small, hurt, humiliated, stupid, worthless, etc. do it swiftly and violently and without remorse. 

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